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About Us

Forward Prospects offers high quality recruitment solutions to the rapidly evolving international freight and logistics industry.  Over the last 3 decades, Forward Prospects has grown to become one of the leading and most respected recruitment specialists in the country.  Widely recognised by the major freight and logistics operators, Forward Prospects has built a firm reputation founded on quality of service and ethics.  The company has been further strengthened by its incorporation into The Logistics Partnership LLP, the market leading supply chain recruitment and staffing specialist. Our specialism allows us to offer a complete range of services.


Finding Jobs in Freight and Logistics

As we are true specialists in Freight and Logistics recruitment, an accurate assessment of your skills and experience is vital to us obtaining you the very best position.  We suggest that you send your cv to us and we will contact you to discuss your experience and requirements in more detail.

All information is treated with utmost confidentiality and we will assist you at all stages of the recruitment process.

We operate a 'refer a friend' scheme*, offering you £100 of vouchers for successful placement of any recommended candidates.  *Terms and conditions apply


Fill your Job Vacancy in Freight or Logistics

We specialise in recruiting for all positions within the freight and logistics industry.  Our services include both permanent and temporary recruitment and range from trainee to director level.

Forward Prospects is managed by industry professionals who direct a team of highly skilled and dedicated consultants.  This combination allows our staff to accurately assess and understand client and candidate requirements alike.

But successful recruitment is about much more than just matching of technical specifications.  Our experienced team also has exceptional people skills, which enable us to be firmly in tune with placing the right people with the right kind of organisation.

Submit your vacancy details now or call us to discuss further.

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