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Beware these common job-search errors!


Okay, so you’re doing everything you can to look for a new job but things just aren’t coming together for you? Persevere! At the risk of sounding like my grandparents, Rome wasn’t built in a day. The job search takes time and effort, but it is all worth it when you get the phone call with that dream offer.

Being such a big deal, it is really important that you get the initial job search process correct. We talk here about the benefits of using a recruitment consultant to help you, but before that even you need to step back and make sure that you have a clear focus on your career goal. If there is a reason you might not be standing out from the crowd, do you know it? Then, more importantly, do you know what your next steps are to fix it and move forwards? This might be where you get in touch with a recruitment agency, but there are a few common downfalls that we see in people who have been looking for their new roles for a while.

  • Lack of Clarity – do you know what you are actually looking for? If not, then how will you know if you find it?! There are a lot of different jobs out there, especially in our specialist area here at Forward Prospects, so you might find it hard to narrow it down to exactly what you want to do. This is okay, and talking through your options with us can help, but we would suggest that you think first about what you are actually interested in and where your natural strengths are. These will help you begin to identify the sort of roles and companies that you might be suited to, and give you a clearer focus on job titles to target.
  • Lack of Focus – do you have any goals set? Especially if you are struggling to make progress it can be really easy to become demotivated, and a plan or some targets will help keep you in track. If you are currently out of work especially, looking for a new job could be treated as a job in itself!
  • Lack of Variety – are you just using one medium to look for jobs? Job boards are certainly a strong place to start but you shouldn’t discount company websites and, of course, speaking to recruiters such as our team here. We post our vacancies across social media as well, using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to share our jobs, so make sure that you don’t ignore those channels too – the more you use the better visibility you will have over the opportunities out there.
  • Lack of Response – not hearing back from a job application can be incredibly demoralising, which is why we always do our very best to get back to each and every application. If the lack of response is a reoccurring issue, then it is always worth just double checking your CV to ensure there are no errors. Start with your contact details – you would be amazed the number of old mobile numbers we see!
  • Lack of Follow-Up – are you just sending your CV in and leaving it there? We would suggest always ensuring that your application has been received (you should usually receive an email acknowledging receipt) and being proactive in your quest for feedback. Don’t make a nuisance of yourself of course, but being keen can sometime work in your favour and show the hiring manager / recruiter how eager you are for the position. Just make sure you leave a fair amount of time before attempting to ‘chase’ anything.
  • Lack of Finish – do you always stumble at the final hurdle? The dreaded interview stage? We work hard to get feedback for all of our customers from their interviews, as we believe that there is an incredible benefit to having this and getting better for next time. There will always be an area you can improve on, and if you are open to hearing the constructive criticism you should only get better!

None of these are guaranteed wins to get you a new job tomorrow, but if you try to avoid falling into these traps then your new job shouldn’t be too far away.

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