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Fighting Negativity


We have all had a point in our lives when we have had to decide between two options; the opportunity of a lifetime against comfortable smooth-sailing. Which way do we go, and what do we need to consider to make such a big decision?

One of the main things to consider is what is it that makes you happy, which of these two options do you feel drawn towards - instinctively even? This isn’t always the path to take, and one must always remember that being a responsible adult is, occasionally, disappointing, but even when everything else works in favour of the risky opportunity it can be incredibly difficult to take the plunge.

In part, this can be because of the influences we receive from others in our daily lives. Negative influences especially can break a person down until they don’t feel able, for whatever reason, to take the risk. Unfortunately we all know have come across someone like this, who seem to have the sole purpose of holding you back and dashing any hopes you have. Add in to this that, as humans, we are prone to self-doubt and second guessing ourselves anyway then it can seem an impossible task to take that risk.

This struggle shouldn’t dissuade us though; if we can explore and understand where some of the negativity is coming from with these naysayers, we often find that it isn’t to do with us at all! You have heard the saying that misery loves company? Well it is true – quite often triggered by professional jealousy. When one party is insecure or feeling jealous, they may want to hold back a colleague or friend from taking a step forward into the unknown in case it means that they are progressing and achieving greater things than themselves.

Fear is another block in the way of taking that chance. If all you can focus on is what could go wrong, then you run the risk of never giving yourself the chance of getting it right! If you have a friend or colleague who lives their life shut away like this, then the chances are that they will project some of these dangerous views onto you as well. This is especially true too of those colleagues with regrets; if they have made a risky decision that hasn’t paid off for them in some way then they will, of course, try and dissuade you from making what they see as the same mistake. We need to remember that just because something didn’t end as hoped for them, doesn’t mean that it won’t for us – if we only lived on other people’s warnings then we would never dare to step outside our comfort zones, and this is where great progress and achievements are made.

So, to think about what you want to do next, following that dream, you need to think very carefully about how you look after and manage this dream. For one, you should be very careful how much of your dream you share. Of course be proud of your ambitions and want to show your passions to the world, but remember that the more you share the more you open yourself up to the negativity of others. If you are able instead to associate with those who share the drive and desire to better themselves and take these risks to progress, then the chances are that they will help you to keep that motivation and remind you why you are pursuing the dreams as you are.

When you reach this sort of crossroads in your career or life, make sure that you are surrounding yourself with the right people who will nurture and guide you. If someone is being negative then have a think about why this might be; whatever advice or opinions you are given just make sure you weigh them all up equally and consider the reasoning behind, and remember that if your dilemma is career or job based then we are here to help

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