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Mondayitis, a phenomenon that is becoming more and more discussed given the prominence now of social media. Can you remember the last time that #mondaymotivation wasn’t trending at the start of the week? Neither can I…

If you struggle every Monday this might be the symptom of a bigger issue, be it dissatisfaction with your work or just a sign that you could organise your morning better. There are some things to be aware of that might worsen this condition, but the main thing to remember is just to power through! If you refuse to let Mondayitis get the better of you, by lunchtime you hope that the feelings will have subsided and it will be Tuesday before you know it!

If your Mondayitis continues for the whole week it suggests that you actually just don’t like your job, in which case why not talk to us here and see if we can help you find a role that will make you jump out of bed in the morning excited about the day ahead. Or at least one that you enjoy going to and doesn’t leave you filled with dread.

The good news, potentially, is that there are some precursors to Mondayitis that you can consider throughout the weekend if you so desire. Of course, I understand that many people do not wish to think about work at all in their downtime, but the failure to relax over the weekend can certainly exacerbate any Monday morning grumps or anxiety. Likewise a stressful Sunday night, often coupled with early-onset Mondayitis, can make the start of the working week a bigger monster than it needs to be. Do not allow yourself to focus on the ‘back to work’ negativity, instead enjoy your Sunday and be as relaxed or productive as you can – the more you can do this the better your mood should be come Monday.

We do have to consider the Monday morning wake-up call itself of course – everyone has their own favourite way of being woken up be this a song, silent / light alarm or similar, but I haven’t met anyone who likes being working up with a shrill beep or ring of some awful robotic device! If you can smooth your transition into the waking day, you should have a mental headstart over all of those who suffered through such a rude awakening. Your breakfast too can make a difference, the healthier the better! I know you may not fancy anything too healthy, but sugary or fatty breakfasts are not the way to go if you want your body supporting you in your mission to conquer Mondayitis.

Some things that can make Mondayitis worse are, unfortunately, out of our control but there are still ways that we can limit their effects; we have no power over the traffic for example, but can decide to leave ten minutes earlier if we know that it is going to snarl up at our usual time. This may seem counter-intuitive, but by removing a major source of frustration (honestly, who really likes their commute?) we are allowing ourselves an easier path into Monday morning.

By also ensuring that you are not overloading your diary first thing on a Monday morning the transition from weekend to work-week should be more manageable, but if this is not the case and none of these things help then it sounds like your problem is more than just Mondayitis. If you are finding that you are not motivated to go into work at all, or the idea of it is causing you to actually feel sick, then it suggests that it is time for you to look for the next step in your career. If this is something that we can help with here at Forward Prospects, then please do get in touch today.

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