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What does your email address say about you?


Do you remember that email address that you created back in high school – probably using Hotmail or Yahoo? Are you still using it? I hope not!

When it comes to job hunting, every little detail is important when it comes to setting yourself apart from your competition – even the email address that is on your CV! We constantly tell jobseekers to make sure that they proofread everything, get a friend to check their CV or covering letter for them, but who thinks about that innocuous email address just sat in the contact information…

My original ‘school’ email address was along the lines of ‘frizzy lizzy’ as a result of my rather dashing (generally windswept) hairdo, but this is certainly not a professional address that I would ever use in a work capacity - even if this were just the primary contact and application for a role. It just wouldn’t be the first impression I would want to give a potential employer, and remember that you only get the one chance to make this!

Recruiters and hiring managers will always prefer a more mature email address – the ideal is just your name! With there being so many free email providers out there, the most popular of which is Gmail, there is no excuse for submitting an application with a totally inappropriate email address as it will be noticed! As recruiters we have seen a variety of contact information that has made us double-take in the past and, although of course we would not discriminate on this, it can at times be necessary to gently suggest to a candidate that a more appropriate email address might be called for.

If you want any help with writing your CV or how to approach your job hunt then please do get in touch but, if you do nothing else, check that you have contact information that is suitable and professional enough to complement the work that has gone into the rest of the document. Don’t be remembered just for that email address.

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