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What recruiters want, what we really really want...


We have all heard of The Spice Girls and, whether we want to admit it or not, we know the song Wannabe (it will be 21 years old this year, feeling your age now? I am!) In the song we are asked what we want, what we really really want, and this question is something that can be asked in all situations, but how easy is it to answer?

Well, we can help you with one response to it and perhaps help guide you in your January job hunt. We know that using a recruitment consultant to help in your job hunt can be a difficult thing to do, and candidates do not always know what to expect from a consultant.

So, to help try and explain the process and what we expect from our candidates, here is a little guide to what recruiters want, what we really really want…

  • A positive relationship with you – the better we know you, and stronger the relationship we have, the better we are able to represent you and sell you to our clients
  • Have you done your homework – make sure that your CV is up to date and accurate, check that your LinkedIn profile and online presence is working for you not against you
  • Take responsibility – we are part of your strategy and supporting you with job search, but don’t just sit back and wait for us to deliver everything to you
  • Take charge – make sure that you keep in touch, introduce yourself to us and start building a relationship with the consultant who is best placed to help you
  • Know what you want – do you have an objective in mind? Make sure you know how far you are willing to commute, your salary target and what your needs and wants are from a new role
  • Control your CV – make sure you know what it is saying and where you want it to go
  • Agree a contact pattern – if we know when you are available we can work around you, and trust us that if we say we will be in touch we will
  • Have a plan – know what you want, any timescales you might have and if there is anything else we can help with
  • Be positive – we do want to help you of course, and will do our best to do so, but if you are positive and optimistic then it will be a lot easier to represent you well and give us the confidence that you will perform well

So there you go – this is a quick insight into how you can best work with a recruiter to help with your job search. Remember that it is a two way relationship, we want to help you to find a job but will need you to work with us. We look forward to you getting in touch with us to commence your hunt, and check out our latest jobs here to get the application process started!

And if all else fails, we really really really wanna zigazig-ah. 

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